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From ACME finished in 1/18th scale!

The 1970 Dodge D300 Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen" Ramp Truck!


In nature, the snake and mongoose are the deadliest of enemies—genetically encoded to eternally fight to the death without mercy. Beginning in the 1960's, the nature of that dynamic was strategically and expertly applied to the historic rivalry between Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen in the most unlikely of venues—a "minor" sport struggling for attention on dusty drag-racing strips at tracks across the country. There, Prudhomme, the Snake, and McEwen, the Mongoo$e, did, in fact, compete aggressively for dominance in the nascent sport of drag racing. These two real-life Southern California drag racing legends were setting tracks on fire during those years. Whenever the "Snake" and the "Mongoose" met on the track, fans were guaranteed a dramatic, compelling race, and you felt like these two men were putting it all on the line just for the sake of winning. Let's face facts, they pretty much were: there wasn't much money to be won in drag racing in those days... it was about the glory, the trophy, and living to race another day

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NEW ACME 1970 Dodge D300 Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen Ramp Truck 1/18

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