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Motorsports Images


I have been shooting motorsports photography for a long, long time and I thought why not show some of my work. Some of this stuff goes WAY BACK!!  And because I never thought I would ever have enough work to show or which I thought would be worth showing I unfortunately never organized my thousands of negatives and or digital files which I know now was a huge mistake but oh well as they say "it is what it is".  To help the cause I just picked up a nice quality scanner for the thousands of 35mm and medium format negatives, yes medium format negatives, showing my age with that one!

I'm going to do my best sharing some of my work.

I just threw up some images I've recently posted just for practice as we build this page up. The images will never be in any type of order by year and or event, sorry about that. Trust me i regret the laziness from oh roughly 50 years ago!!

Hope you like what you see.

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