From 1320 Inc. 7th in the series.

After racing for 10 years, Pete Robinson was still relatively unknown when he showed up at the 1961 Nationals, going on to claim top eliminator and have low E.T. of the meet. That led to the nickname of "Sneaky Pete". In his "Tinker Toy" front engine dragster, he went on to win many major titles and left the cockpit to work on innovations for drag racing. On Feb. 6, 1971 he took the cockpit from his driver who wasn't comfortable with the grounding effects and crashed into the guard rail and died. He was known for his popularity among the drivers and in 1992 was inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame.
Made by 1320 this 1/24th scale replica has a highly detailed motor, soft rubber slicks, removable driver cowling to show detailed cockpit. 


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1320 Sneaky Pete Robinson Front Motored NHRA Top Fuel Dragster 1/24