*****Please read this ad close so everyone knows what's going on with this release.*****


ALL NEW 2021 PRE-ORDER!! Estimated arrival period AUGUST 2021

 Don Schumacher Racing.


The 2021 Leah Pruett Dodge SRT Hellcat Red Eye NHRA Top Fuel Dragster!!


     There have been many questions about this release and we wanted to forward what we know at this point. Nothing is etched in stone but we saw all the misinformation out there and thought we better set the record straight the best we could with what we know also understanding that things can change at any time. All of you collectors out there deserve to know what's going on so here we go. 


Number #1

This replica will be based off of the 2021 paint scheme and not the 2020 paint scheme being advertised by some. As we all know there are differences between the 20 and 21 cars and Autoworld as always is on it!


Number #2

 This release will not be done in chrome like the real car raced at the 2021 Gatornationals. AutoWorld is working hard creating a finish that collectors will be pleased with. We are confident the replica will turn out spectacular.



Number #3

This is a big one. We are offering this release on a pre-order opportunity no different than AutoWorld offering the release to their dealers on a

pre-order opportunity. Meaning there are no guarantee this release gets done if certain numbers are not reached. So with that if you would like to add the 2021 Leah Pruett Mopar Dodge Hellcat NHRA Top Fuel Dragster to your collection please place your order with us so we can get this release on the books for a August 2021 release period.


Please note!! Estimated arrival period AUGUST 2021


AutoWorld's new tooling has been a BIG WIN for all collectors with new tooling ideas always being considered. 

   Auto World has set an estimated release period of August 2021. In the past AutoWorld has been pretty accurate with their release dates but with everything that is going on globally please be prepared for possible delays. Another reason we prefer no payment up front with your pre-order.




 Our Preorder process is the best!! We do not require any payment until your order ships. All you need to do is when entering your preorder information when the payment option comes up select the "MANUAL PAYMENT" option which then enters your preorder with us and we will contact you advising we have your preorder on record. Once the product arrives we contact you at that time and you can pay for your order then. You can still prepay if you prefer which is totally up to you.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us or email us.


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NEW PRE-ORDER!!! 2021 Leah Pruett DODGE SRT HELLCAT NHRA Top Fuel Dragster