FROM 1320 INC. AND FINISHED IN 1/24TH SCALE.  20th in the series. Steve Carbone Front Motored Top Fuel Dragster. Another classic from 1320!!

The Top Fuel final round at Indy in 1971 will forever be remembered as the “great burn-down” race, the one where Steve Carbone outlasted Don Garlits in a battle of nerves and then won the biggest race in the sport. “Once I got past the semi-finals I knew I had the race won,” Carbone would say after the race. “We knew what Don was doing and we planned accordingly.” What Don was doing was running a new Keith Black motor with aluminum heads, and what Carbone knew was that the car would build up a lot of heat and power the longer it sat there. “I wasn’t going to stage first even if the headers melted off,” Carbone said prior to the final round, and he was true to his word. “What did he have to lose?,” Don would lament after the race. “I was running 6.20’s and they were running 6.60’s.” This set is 100% complete and is in excellent condition. 

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From 1320 Steve Carbone NHRA Front Motored Top Fuel Dragster 1/24


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