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      And yes Don Schumacher did drive the Blue Stardust in a few events back in the 70's. In fact Don told me personally that he drove all 3 of the Stardust Funny Cars back in those days. His primary Stardust as we all know was the Yellow version but to confirm he drove the Red and Blue Stardust funny cars as well. 

    The beautiful 1972 Don Schumacher STARDUST Plymouth Barracuda NHRA Funny Car. AW1179

  “The Shoe” Schumacher’s staggering record in the Funny Car match-race and national event circuits go back to the sport’s early years. The first Stardust was christened in the mid 1960’s. The car originally acquired it’s name from its main sponsor, the Stardust Hotel, in Las Vegas. By the end of 1974, the Schumacher team had racked up an amazing dossier of wins, including 5 U.S. Nationals and nine IHRA event titles - many under the Stardust name. Auto World is excited to replicate this 1972 Plymouth Cuda Stardust as it ran when it dominated the 1972 Coca-Cola Cavalcade of Stars Championship with Bobby Rowe at the wheel.

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1/18th Autographed W-COA Don Schumacher STARDUST Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car

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